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Coreless winding slitter

This unique coreless feature amazed customers by its simple design and easy operation. It was the best proof of our slitting rewinding expertise, no tricks no fancies, only basic winding principles are applied.

Shaftless rewinding

Takano is the first one to use shaftless rewinding technique in secondary slitters. This requires again good experience and knowledge of slitting rewinding to make it work well. Converters who use big cores for rewinding benefit great deal from this time and labor-saving feature. This is also what makes our B201 slitter popular in cup board converting.



Semi auto knife positioning system

When slitters are getting faster and wider, the time of knife setting becomes a serious concern. The computerized setting of bottom knife to determine cut sizes is the first step to improve accuracy and to save time in knife setting. This feature is commonly appreciated when cutting size changes very often and machine output is expected.


Auto Cutting and Gluing system

Upon the rewinding process is completed, the system automatically initiates cutting and gluing the paper roll's end. This accelerates the production output, enhancing overall efficiency.

 Auto cutting gluing